Paddle to the Sea


After their 2017 Grammy Award for Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance, Third Coast Percussion returns to Cedille Records with an album inspired by the classic children’s book and film “Paddle to the Sea.” This album includes music collaboratively composed by the four members of Third Coast Percussion as an updated sound track for the film, as well as the other water-themed works that provided inspiration to the quartet as they composed this music. These include works by American composers Philip Glass (arranged by Third Coast Percussion) and Jacob Druckman, as well as music from Zimbabwe’s Shona people, shaped by Third Coast Percussion under the tutelage of master mbira player Musekiwa Chingodza.

Album ships on 2/9/18

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The Book of Keyboards


Grammy winning ensemble Third Coast Percussion releases a recording of two landmark works by French composer Philippe Manoury, Le Livre des Claviers and Metal. The otherworldly sonic landscapes created in these works come from a selection of keyboard instruments, including “sixxen”, a set of six metal instruments built from scratch. Manoury’s fascinating blend of chaos and precision is interpreted with virtuosic commitment by the musicians of Third Coast Percussion.

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Third Coast Percussion | Steve Reich


This album features iconic percussion works by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Steve Reich, whom The Village Voice deemed, “America’s greatest living composer.” Reich’s music has influenced artists ranging from art-pop and rock musicians Brian Eno and David Bowie to composers John Adams and Bang on a Can co-founders Michael Gordon, David Lang, and Julia Wolfe.

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Haunt of Last Nightfall

Acclaimed composer David T. Little has received opera commissions and performances from the Metropolitan Opera/LCT New Works Program, Ft. Worth Opera, Peak Performances and the L.A. Opera. His work for Third Coast Percussion, Haunt of Last Nightfall, is a heart-wrenching response to a tragic moment in history, the massacre at El Mozote, El Salvador in December 1981.

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Resounding Earth

Resounding Earth

Written in 2012, Resounding Earth is scored for nearly three hundred unique bells and other resonant metal objects. The composition of the work, and the selection of the specific bells used in the recording, was completed in close collaboration between Third Coast Percussion and Augusta Read Thomas, who is among the most sought-after composers working today.

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Unknown Symmetry

Third Coast Percussion’s second full-length album, “Unknown Symmetry,” describes a very personal history of the Chicago-based ensemble from their founding in 2005 to today. The album includes the first recording of the percussion quartet arrangement of Arvo Pärt’s iconic work, “Fratres;” beautiful, rarely-heard works by Peter Garland and Christopher Deane, and new music from Third Coast Percussion’s own David Skidmore and former member of TCP, Owen Clayton Condon.

Listen to two tracks from the album for free for a limited time.

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JOHN CAGE – The Works for Percussion 2

This album offers performances of works from John Cage’s early life with a “special fluency and zest that sets them apart” (Guardian). It was during this time that Cage met and studied with Arnold Schoenberg and Henry Cowell, worked with Lou Harrison, and found inspiration in Oskar Fischinger’s dictum that “everything in the world has a spirit that can be released through its sound.”

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