Colin’s Corner: Third Coasters

Welcome back to Colin’s Corner, where our resident superhero and studio manager Colin Campbell takes you into his world of incredible craftsmanship to show off some of the instruments and works of art he creates for Third Coast. Colin has recently created some beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces for Third Coast, and they aren’t just gorgeous and functional: they are also punny.

The “third coasters” were actually reverse-engineered from an atrocious pun. Well, a double pun really. Third Coast Percussion needed some special gifts to thank some of our generous donors for their continued support. And then, inspiration struck. Why not make some “third coasters” for Third Coast to say, “Thanks for being a Third-Coaster?” A double pun! The total eclipse of puns! Now that we had the wordplay, the rest was easy…

Like what you hear, too? Check out our newest album Paddle to the Seaavailable on Cedille Records.

Check back soon for another visit to Colin’s Corner! Word on the street is he’s restoring some wicked cool metal anklung right now…but not for us. Alas.

See you soon!



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