“This is a hugely enjoyable set, intelligently programmed, brilliantly performed and closely recorded.”
— Guy Rickards, Gramophone

“…a powerhouse of a recording…virtuosic performances by the ensemble throughout…They certainly do have extraordinary abilities.”
— Olivia Kieffer, EarRelevant

“…breaks new ground in several respects…delightful…The entire album is absorbing and often fun”
— James Manheim, AllMusic

“…as inventive and beautiful as music comes.”
— Kyle Land, Chicago Crowd Surfer

“…a glorious variety of styles and sounds…”
— Rick Anderson, CD Hotlist

“Optimism, excitement, and inventiveness rule.”
— Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile

Philip Glass came of age as a musician at the same time the percussion ensemble was first emerging in the concert hall. And though Glass has used percussion instruments extensively in his operas and orchestral works, it took a commission from Grammy Award-winners Third Coast Percussion to produce his first work for percussion ensemble.

This new work, Perpetulum, is featured on Third Coast Percussion’s latest album and lends its title to the album as well. In addition, ensemble members Robert Dillon and Peter Martin each contributed works which TCP has toured extensively already, ensemble member David Skidmore contributed a multi-movement electro-acoustic work (Aliens with Extraordinary Abilities), and a new work by Gavin Bryars is featured, also commissioned by Third Coast Percussion.

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