Concert Programs

Paddle to the Sea

A multimedia journey to the open sea

Premiering Fall 2017.

The classic children’s book and Academy Award-nominated film, Paddle to the Sea, is the focus of a new project that looks at our relationship to the bodies of water that connect our lives. Third Coast Percussion will compose a new score to be performed live with the film, which tells the story of a Native Canadian boy who carves a wooden figure called Paddle-to-the-Sea and sets him on a journey through all five Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence River, and finally to the Atlantic Ocean.

Existing works inspired by impressions of water and the natural world will weave in and out of the original film and new music, including composers Philip Glass and Jacob Druckman and the traditional music of the Shona people of Zimbabwe. The performance will flow together as a seamless whole, with Third Coast Percussion using the existing music as a jumping-off point for the new music they compose.

Paddle to the Sea underscores the geographic, economic, and cultural connections in our shared waterways, and it also asks us to consider the human impact on the waters that help us transport our goods, provide our electrical power, bathe ourselves, cook our food, and quench our thirst. This project will ask those same questions through live performance, and residency activities.

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TCP with Son Lux

SonLux_PhotoByShervinLainez_2Photo by Shervin Lainez

Premiering Spring 2018.

Avant-pop trio Son Lux bonded with Third Coast Percussion during a recent tour of the Netherlands over everything from Steve Reich and David Bowie to modern dance and the amazing sound of wood blocks. The common ground has proved fertile enough to inspire a collaboration including a new work for Third Coast composed by Son Lux, and plans for a tour featuring both artists sharing the stage for a rare collaborative project that bridges musical worlds.

Founded by producer-composer Ryan Lott in 2007, Son Lux “works at the nexus of several rarely-overlapping Venn Diagrams” (Pitchfork). With the recent additions to the band of guitarist-composer Rafiq Bhatia and drummer Ian Chang, Son Lux is now a ferocious trio both live and on record. In addition to their own tours and albums, Son Lux has composed for and joined forces with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, yMusic, Glenn Kotche, and more.

Click here for more info about Son Lux, including audio and videos.

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Lyrical Geometry

“Virtuosity and deft, precisely timed wit” – Washington Post

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“An inspirational sense of fun and curiosity”
 -Minnesota Star-Tribune

“Commandingly elegant”
 -New York Times

For over ten years, Third Coast Percussion has forged a unique path in the musical landscape with virtuosic, energetic performances that celebrate the extraordinary depth and breadth of musical possibilities in the world of percussion. This program highlights the ensemble’s most exciting recent work, featuring music from TCP’s Grammy-winning album of Steve Reich’s work, new works written for the ensemble by acclaimed composers Glenn Kotche and Augusta Read Thomas, and TCP’s own original music.

Read a feature article
about Third Coast Percussion’s concerts, residencies, and other activities from The Chicago Tribune.

2016 TCP PerformancePhoto by Kirk Richard Smith

STEVE REICH Mallet Quartet
GLENN KOTCHE Wild Sound, mvt 4
AUGUSTA READ THOMAS Resounding Earth, mvt 2
DAVID SKIDMORE Aliens with Extraordinary Abilities

Wild Sound

A Revolutionary New Concert Experience from Glenn Kotche, Renowned Composer and Drummer from Wilco

“Extravagant…immediately engaging”
-Chicago Tribune

“The glory of ‘Wild Sound’ is that the composition delivers the musical goods — there is a wide swath of shifting textures and timbres, rhythms and moods. It is infused with an inspirational sense of fun and curiosity.”
-The Star Tribune

“‘Wild Sound’ is a deeply human, organic work at heart that, over and over, turns everyday sounds into music”
-The South Bend Tribune

Wild Sound challenges the distinctions that exist between music and noise, instrument and everyday object, performance and daily life. Composer Glenn Kotche has created this new musical work for Third Coast Percussion combining field recordings from cities around the world, live performance, and the construction and de-construction of musical instruments on stage. These custom-made percussion instruments were conceptualized by Kotche and designed and built by students and faculty at the University of Notre Dame’s College of Engineering. The field recordings in the work are drawn from Kotche’s international touring as drummer for the Grammy-winning rock band, Wilco. The field recordings create a narrative arc that draws the listener from the sounds of the natural world to the industrial sounds of modern urban life.

Wild Sound was commissioned by the University of Notre Dame’s DeBartolo Performing Arts Center and the Chamber Music America Classical Commissioning Program, with generous funding provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Chamber Music America Endowment Fund. Additional support provided by The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Liquid Music Series and the National Forum of Music in Wroclaw, Poland.

Reviews for Wild Sound:

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Watch a video from Chicago Magazine about the creation and rehearsal process
Listen to an interview with Glenn and David from TCP on Minnesota Public Radio.
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Glenn is available to perform on tour with the project for select dates 

Photo credit: Kirk Richard Smith
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Composer: Glenn Kotche
Stage Director: Leslie Buxbaum Danzig
Video Artist: Xuan
Audio Engineer: Dan Nichols
Lighting Designer: Sarah Prince
Instrument Design and Construction: Jay Brockman, Douglas Hall, Quinlan McWilliams, Susan Nace, John Nolan, Ryan Snelling, Juan Velazquez, Tony Villano, Xinyi Wang