Below is a complete list of our repertoire, current as of February 2016. Works with an asterisk (*) were commissioned and premiered by Third Coast Percussion. We are constantly adding to this list, so check back regularly and contact us with any questions or requests.

Composer Title Duration Collaborators
100 composers/TCP RENGA:Cage:100* 19′
Adams, John Luther Inuksuit 60′ 5 to 95 percussionists or other musicians
Andersson, Frederick The Lonelyness of Santa Claus 7’
Andres, Timothy Austerity Measures* 25′
Andriessen, Louis Workers Union 13’ Optional guests – any instrument, any number
Applebaum, Mark Catfish 8’
Applebaum, Mark Straitjacket 12′ Percusssion soloist
Applebaum, Mark Wrist Watch Geology Any duration Optional guests – any instrument, any number
Balter, Marcos dark rooms* 18’
Bartok, Bela Sonata for 2 Pianos and 2 Percussionists 33’ 2 pianists
Barnson, Matthew Percussion Quartet* 30’
Berger, Mark Percussion Quartet* 9’
Berio, Luciano Linea 15’ 2 pianists
Bresnick, Martin Caprichos Enfaticos 34’ Solo piano and video
Broberg, Kirsten Constellations* 8’ 2 pianists
Brostrom, Tobias Twilight 6’
Bryars, Gavin The Other Side of the River* 20′
Cage, John Aria 10’ Vocal soloist
Cage, John Branches Any duration Optional guests – any number of musicians or non-musicians
Cage, John But what about the noise of crumpling… Any duration
Cage, John Credo in US 12’
Cage, John Duet for Cymbal Any duration
Cage, John First Construction 12’ 3 additional percussionists, or 2 additional percussionist and 1 pianist
Cage, John Living Room Music 6’
Cage, John Quartet 15-20’
Cage, John Radio Music 6’ Optional guests – 1-4 people, no musical training necessary
Cage, John Second Construction 8’
Cage, John Third Construction 10’
Cage, John Trio 5’
Clay, Danny Title TBD* 10′
Condon, Owen Clayton Double Helix 5’
Condon, Owen Clay Fractalia* 5’
Condon, Owen Clay Quadruple Helix 5’
Crumb, George An Idyll for the Misbegotten 12’ Solo flute
Crumb, George Music for a Summer Evening (Makrokosmos III) 40’ 2 pianists
Davis, Nathan Simple Songs of Birth and Return 7′
Davis, Nathan a Sound uttered, a Silence crossed 30′ SATB choir
Deane, Christopher Vespertine Formations 10’
DeMey, Thierry Musique de tables 8′
Dennehy, Donnacha Surface Tension* 25′
DeSantis, Dennis Shifty 7’
Dillon, Robert Ordering Instincts 10′
Farina, Casey Bitsmoke 15’ Video
Fisher-Lochhead, Chris On Tenterhooks* 6′
Garland, Peter Apple Blossom 8-12’
Golijov, Osvaldo Mariel 8’ Cello
Goff, Bruce Piano Rolls (arr. by Third Coast Percussion) 14′
Grisey, Gerard Le Noir de l’Etoile 60’ 2 additional percussionists
Grisey, Gerard Stele 5’
Harrison, Lou First Concerto for Flute and Percussion 8’ Solo flute
Harrison, Lou Song of Quetzecoatl 7’
Harrison, Lou Varied Trio 18’ Violin and piano
Hearne, Ted Thaw* 10’
Hjertmann, Ben Automatic Glitch* 6′
Ingebritsen, Ryan La Creazione di un Piccolo Universo 7’
Jacoby, Derek We’ve Gotta  Find It* 14’
Kotche, Glenn Stones Flow* 4′
Kotche, Glenn Wild Sound* 47′ Video art, live video, sound design
Lang, David Little Eye 8’ Solo cello
Lansky, Paul Hop 12’ Violin
Lansky, Paul Threads 30’
Lee, Andrew McKenna Like A Sick, Breathing Tambura* 10’
Lei Liang Inkscape* 15′ Piano
Ligeti, Lukas Pattern Transformation 5’
Little, David T. Haunt of Last Nightfall* 30’
Little, David T. Radiant Child 11′ Chamber orchestra or wind ensemble
Little, David T. Speak Softly 5’
Lunsqui, Alexandre Shi 9’
Manoury, Philippe Le Livre des Claviers 30’
Manoury, Philippe Last 8’ Bass clarinet
Meadowcroft, Thomas The Great Knot 18′
Mellits, Marc Gravity* 12′
Mellits, Marc Tight Sweater 18’ Violin and piano
Muhly, Nico Pillaging Music 7′
Muhly, Nico Ta and Clap 7’
Muller, Otto Escoria* 8’
Part, Arvo Fratres 11’
Pateras, Anthony Lost Compass* 12’ Solo flute
Reich, Steve Clapping Music 5-12’
Reich, Steve Daniel Variations 30′ String trio, 4 pianos, 4 singers, 2 clarients, 1 additional percussion
Reich, Steve Drumming, Part 1 10-15’
Reich, Steve Mallet Quartet 15’
Reich, Steve Music for 18 Musicians 60-70’ Violin, cello, 2 clarinet, 4 piano, 3 additional percussion, 4 sopranos
Reich, Steve Music for Pieces of Wood 7-12’
Reich, Steve Music for Pieces of Wood (arr. for drum sets by David Cossin) 7-12′
Reich, Steve Nagoya Marimbas 4’
Reich, Steve Proverb 15′ 5 singers
Reich, Steve Sextet 27’ 2 pianists or 2 additional percussionists
Rihm, Wolfgang Tutuguri VI 40’ 2 additional percussionists
Riley, Terry In C 20-60′ 5-50 additional guests- any instrument
Rogers, John Fitz Once Removed 9’
Rzewski, Frederic Coming Together 19’
Rzewski, Frederic Les Moutons des Panurge 12-15’ Optional guests – any instrument, any number
Rzewski, Frederic To the Earth 10’
Schankler, Isaac Blindnesses 10′ Live electronics
Shaw, Caroline Taxidermy 10′
Skidmore, David Common Patterns in Uncommon Time 35’
Skidmore, David Echoes 10’
Skidmore, David Fanfare for a New Audience* 5’
Skidmore, David In Contact 14’
Skidmore, David Trying* 12′
Skidmore, David Ritual Music 6’
Skidmore, David Aliens with Extraordinary Abilities* 45′ Video art
Takemitsu, Toru Rain Tree 12’
Tan Dun Elegy: Snow in June 30’ Solo cello
Thomas, Augusta Read Resounding Earth* 35’
Thomas, Augusta Read Selene* 16′ String quartet
Travers, Aaron Deep Carving* 10’
Tymoczko, Dmitri Rockdots* 20’
Vinao, Alejandro Arabesco Infinito 11’
Vinao, Alejandro Estudios de la Frontera 17’ 1 additional percussionist
Vinao, Alejandro Riff 14’ Piano
Wen Jing, Guo Parade 17’
Wohl, Daniel Pixelated 9′
Wolfe, Julia Dark Full Ride 18′
Xenakis, Iannis Okho 13’
Xenakis, Iannis Psappha 13’