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As a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, Third Coast Percussion is dedicated to expanding and enriching the cultural landscape of Chicago and communities across the country.

Since 2005, our organization has been performing and commissioning exciting new music that is at the cutting edge of contemporary thought. In addition to our performances at home in Chicago and on tour around the world, Third Coast Percussion offers educational performances, clinics, and master classes to an extraordinarily broad range of students, from university and conservatory music students to students of all ages with limited access to the arts.

Your support goes directly to the creation and presentation of new works, and to teaching the next generation of musicians and music advocates.

Your donation at any level is greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact us at any time for more information on the projects we are currently funding, or for special sponsorship opportunities.

Stock Donations!

We are also able to accept donations in the form of stock. We can accept donations of appreciated equities, both individual equities and shares in mutual funds. E-mail us for details.

Thanks to all of our generous supporters…


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  • The Alice M. Ditson Fund of Columbia University
  • The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Professional Development Fund
  • BMI Foundation, Inc.
  • Anonymous Fund of MCF
  • Marcia J. Baylin
  • Susan and Friedrich Burian
  • Teddy Dean Boys
  • Jim and Sara Coffou
  • Terrell and Jill Isselhard
  • Foley & Lardner LLP
  • Northern Trust
  • Bruce Oltman and Bonnie McGrath
  • Chris Rasmussen and Amy Strong
  • The Sargent Family Foundation
  • Donnie and Kathy Skidmore
  • Michael and Mary Woolever


  • Anonymous
  • James Barasa
  • Jeffrey Brenner
  • Nathan Brown
  • Ciaran Carr
  • Catherine Cooper
  • Beth I. Davis
  • Sharon and Stephen Dillon
  • André and Doris Dowell
  • Conrad and Sonja Fischer
  • Bari and Rick Fradin
  • Stephanie and Daniel Heffner
  • Judith Hoberman and Dominic Kinsley
  • Paul R. Judy
  • Polly and John Jutsum
  • Charles L. Katzenmeyer
  • Jennifer Kim-Matsuzawa
  • Daniel Knaus
  • Jeanne LaDuke
  • David Lang
  • Elisabeth A. Lavery
  • Shannon Lins
  • Steven and Tricia Maher
  • Edward Malone and Kristina Entner
  • Linda Martin
  • Toni-Marie Montgomery
  • Penny and Bill Obenshain
  • Karen and Jim Prieur
  • Bonnie and Bill Rudner
  • Lynne & Ralph Schatz
  • Nancy Snyder
  • Marge and Larry Sondler
  • Jude Stewart and Seth Brodsky
  • Clare and Bill Sullivan
  • Dennis and Anne Wentz
  • Ethelbert Williams
  • Steve and Randi Wine


  • Joshua Aldorisio
  • Sally and Vince Anderson
  • Ellen Baras
  • Mary Jo Barton
  • Linda and Derek Becker
  • Steven Berry and Heather Fraser
  • Kate Bensen
  • Gregory Beyer
  • Andy Bliss
  • Martin Bresnick
  • Michael Bump
  • Kayleigh Butcher
  • Reba and Bob Cafarelli
  • James and Nancy Campbell
  • Eileen Carr
  • Ian Carswell
  • Casey Collins
  • Sheila and Gene Connors
  • Caryn Culp
  • Ruth and Nick Curry
  • Eloise Corr Danch
  • Nathan Daughtrey
  • Dianne and Rowland Davis
  • Bernard and Sally Dobroski
  • Larry and Arlene Dunn
  • Kevin Erickson
  • Jaime Esposito
  • Maeve Feinberg
  • Ian Fielding
  • Kyle Flens
  • Judith Freeman
  • Russel and Sheila Haak
  • Meyer and Raena Hammerman Foundation
  • Debra L. Hammond
  • Jason Hanggi
  • Deirdre Harrison
  • Eilene Isaacs
  • Helen Jameson
  • Bruce and Kathryn Johnson
  • Joelle Johnson
  • Steve and Sherry Jost
  • Kevin Kautz
  • Peter Kuntz and Lori Kleinerman
  • Richard Komatz
  • Mabel Kwan
  • Rika Lesser
  • Erin Lowenthal
  • Gregory Lyons
  • Jana JMK Martin
  • Mary K. Martin
  • William McDaniel
  • Sandra McNaughton
  • Ben Melsky
  • David Miller
  • Alex Monroe
  • Allegra Montanari
  • Scott Nelson
  • George Nickson
  • Susan Noel
  • Brian Nozny
  • Dorothy Pesnel
  • Ashley Petsch
  • Nick Photinos
  • Jay Pike
  • John Pippen
  • Brian Sauder
  • Susan Shapiro
  • Margaret and Bruce Sisko
  • Millie Skidmore
  • Carol Stukey
  • Sung Pai-Shan
  • Stephen Syverud
  • Raychel Taylor
  • Dixie Uffelman
  • Joanne Vena and Rick Graham
  • Nicholas Weingarten
  • She-e Wu
  • Lawrence Zbikowski
  • Jocelyn Zelasko
This list reflects donations made since July 1, 2019. Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you notice an error, please accept our apology and contact Rebecca McDaniel, [email protected].
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