Currents Creative Partners are invited to engage in a unique artistic partnership with the ensemble.

The Currents Creative Partnership is Third Coast Percussion's opportunity to collaborate with innovative music creators who are at the beginning of their careers, have less experience writing music for percussion, or are looking to expand their creative work in new directions.

The Project

Applications are currently closed, and will reopen in Summer 2024

Third Coast Percussion (TCP) will choose music creators to collaborate with in the composition of a new work for percussion quartet.

Currents Creative Partners will:

  • Compose a piece for TCP to be premiered at a mutually agreed upon date. The work must not have been performed before in any context
  • Compose a work limited to 4 percussionists, at a duration not to exceed 15 minutes
  • Receive a high quality live performance recording from the premiere of the new work to be used by the composer upon approval of TCP. Click here to see past CCP performances
  • Attend three (3) workshop rehearsal sessions with TCP in which the sketches of the new work can be explored with the ensemble
  • Attend the premiere performance of the work on a TCP Chicago Concert Season concert
  • Help TCP promote the premiere performance
  • Receive an honorarium of $2,500.
  • Receive travel /accommodation cost reimbursement up to $1,000 USD for travel within the continental United States or up to $1,500 USD for international travel.

Third Coast Percussion will:

  • Workshop the new work with the creator leading up to its Chicago premiere
  • Perform the new work on a concert in Chicago, HOWEVER holds the right to delay the premiere performance for any reason
  • Provide the winning creator(s) with a live performance recording or a recording of the work performed in the Third Coast Percussion studio

Third Coast Percussion is committed to commissioning and presenting music from a diverse range of musical voices and serving as a platform for creators from many backgrounds and different approaches to music-making. To learn more about TCP’s goals for diversity in its programming, click here.

There is no age limit for this Partnership.

Third Coast Percussion’s Currents program is supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, Sidney K Robinson, the DEW Foundation, and the Sargent Family Foundation. Commission support for the Currents Creative Partnership is provided by Elizabeth and Justus Schlichting.



*Applications will only be considered if ALL guidelines are met.

*There is no entry fee.

Applications are due October 31 each year. Click here to download the application.

Each creator must submit ALL of the following material in order to be considered:

  • Two recordings representative of musical style uploaded to SoundCloud. May be MIDI or live, but a live recording is encouraged when possible.
  • Two scores representative of musical style and matching the submitted recording. A score containing writing for percussion is not required, but is encouraged. Please submit scores in pdf format. Do not submit Finale or Sibelius files. Physical scores will not be accepted.
    • TCP’s definition of score includes, but is not limited to: graphic notation, illustration, text/prose score, traditional Western notation. If you have questions about the score requirement, please contact Sean ([email protected]).
  • Completed questionnaire (included in application form).
  • One page resumé including: education, previous composition experience, highlighted major performances of works, other pertinent information.

There is no age limit for this Partnership.

Also, each creator may submit ANY of the following optional material:

  • One page artistic statement that outlines your goals as an artist and your compositional style.
  • Letter of recommendation addressing musicality, professionalism, previous compositional experience, and likelihood of success in this project.

All application materials must be submitted electronically and should be e-mailed to: [email protected]

Applications are currently closed, and will reopen in Summer 2024. Click here to download the application.

Click here to see performances of past CCP works on Third Coast Percussion’s YouTube channel.

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