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Chicago Humanities Festival CHICAGO CONCERT SEASON

Already obsessed with different kinds of time—human time, the “spectral” time of sleep, the compressed cycles of insect noise—French composer Gérard Grisey was bowled over when he heard the percussive and regular emissions of pulsars, the super-dense remnants of stars that have gone super-nova. Third Coast Percussion perform the striking result, Le Noir de l’Etoile, an unforgettable composition for six percussionists and tape with the musicians surrounding the audience.

Each year, Third Coast Percussion presents 4-5 concerts of percussion music in their hometown of Chicago. In concert halls, theaters, and art galleries, the ensemble joins with world-renowned performers for programs that include premieres of new works for percussion alongside modern classic percussion music.

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Sunday, February


National Gallery of Art

6th and Constitution Ave NW
Washington, DC United States

National Gallery of Art

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Tuesday, March


Onstage Ogden

Ogden, UT

Friday, March


Purdue Convocations

West Lafayette, IN