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Hong Kong Performing Arts Expo

Third Coast Percussion will join forces with Hong Kong-based Toolbox Percussion to showcase a new collaborative program at the HKPAX conference.

Evolution is a cross-genre, cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural performance. In this collaborative project, international artists come together to create an evocative and visually stunning experience that embodies the essence of evolution and the transformative power of art.

Evolution is the culmination of years of cross-continental collaboration between two percussion power houses: GRAMMY® Award-winning quartet Third Coast Percussion (US) and creative arts incubator Toolbox Percussion (Hong Kong), with new choreography created and performed by award-winning dancer Alice Ma (Hong Kong) . The program features music by Chinese composer Austin Yip and American composers Jlin and David Skidmore—including Jlin’s Perspective, a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Music.

Through the artistry of contemporary choreography, percussive rhythms, and innovative staging, Evolution aims to transport audiences into a realm where boundaries dissolve and new possibilities emerge.

Alice Ma, with her exquisite technique and enthralling stage presence, embodies the spirit of evolution, seamlessly transitioning between states of being, leaving a trail of captivating movements that inspire the audience.

The percussive soundscape provided by Third Coast Percussion and Toolbox Percussion serves as the heartbeat of the program, with influences ranging from electronic dance music to literature to math rock. The ensembles’ innovative and contemporary approach to percussion infuses the performance with a pulsating energy reflecting the ebb and flow of transformation.

Ultimately the power and the joy of Evolution comes from the fact that this unique and powerful performance experience could only be created by this team of individuals, separated by oceans but brought together by a passion for pushing their artforms into the future.

This free event is open to the general public and HKPAX attendees. Click here for more information.

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