The Whole Note: “Perspectives” review

Published on November 18, 2022 by Andrew Timar       |      Share this post!

“Perspectives takes listeners on a stylistically wide-ranging, musically rewarding, journey.”

Perspectives takes listeners on a stylistically wide-ranging, musically rewarding, journey. The opening four-movement Percussion Quartet by prolific film composer Danny Elfman effectively juxtaposes the warm wooden sound of the marimba with the sharp sounds of pitched metal pipes and tubular bells, the work very effectively rendered by Chicago’s Third Coast Percussion.

Philip Glass’ Metamorphosis No.1, originally for piano solo is here arranged for TCP. Beginning darkly with repeated low marimba eight-note chords, the arrangement blooms to include electronic organ, vibraphone, tubular bells, decorated with glockenspiel and crotales sparkles. A wistful major key melodica melody floats over the bubbling percussion along the way.

Rubix is a playful three-movement collaboration between TCP and flutists Nathalie Joachim and Allison Loggins-Hull, collectively known as Flutronix. Rubix imaginatively overlaps the short sonic envelopes of keyboard percussion with the sustained melodies of the duo flutes.

Electronic music producer Jlin’s impressive seven-part Perspective highlights TCP’s conceptual, arranging and performing strengths. The work draws on a style of electronic music and dance known as footwork. Born in Chicago’s underground dance competitions and house parties it’s marked by hyper-fast tempos.

Perspective originated as a series of electronic tracks produced by Jlin. Collaborating with the composer, TCP arranged an imaginative performing score from that material scored for an acoustic batterie of over 30 (mostly) percussion instruments. The result is not only a feast for the ears and mind but sections with intense grooves are guaranteed to get you off the couch.

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