Intern Spotlight: Uday Singh

Published August 3, 2023 by Rebecca McDaniel      |      Share this post!

Where are you from?

I am from Saratoga, CA (about 1 hour south of San Francisco)

What is one thing about yourself that you want everyone to know?

I put the milk in the bowl before the cereal

A link to something about you (website, video, post, etc.)

Check out my YouTube channel, I will be sharing a pretty cool project there in a few weeks!

What are you up to these days?

  • Working towards my DMA in saxophone performance and literature at the Eastman School of Music
  • Building a fixed-gear bicycle out of spare parts from my girlfriend’s parents’ basement
  • Trying to train my cat to turn the lights on and off

When did you intern with TCP?

From June 5th – 23rd, 2023.

How did you connect with TCP?

Through the Institute for Music Leadership at Eastman

Did you gain anything from the internship that you’d like to share?

I learned a lot about the diverse day-to-day operations of an arts non-profit and what challenges these types of organizations face in the short and long terms. This gives me a lot more context for what a career in this field might look like.

What else did you do while you were interning?

I saw Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me (big fan), ate a few hot dogs (also big fan), went to the Art Institute (highly recommend), took an architecture boat tour (also highly recommend), and I had my catalytic converter stolen (would not recommend).

Did you leave a legacy or mark on the organization that you’re particularly proud of?

I felt really good about the contributions I made to the recording sessions for this year’s Currents Creative Partners. I also enjoyed working with Rebecca and Sean on marketing materials and organizational inefficiencies. 

Favorite memory?

The Currents concert at Constellation was really really cool. It felt really good to be a part of something that exciting and interesting!

A GIF or YouTube link that sums up your experience with TCP?

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

Perry the Platypus

A funny or embarrassing story from the internship?

During the recording session for one of the Creative Currents Partnership pieces I was operating a gimbal for some close ups of the ensemble playing, but for some reason the camera was acting up. I ended up getting so distracted by trying to fix the camera that I tilted the gimbal too far and it started beeping in the middle of a take! Fortunately we had already gotten enough material by then and everyone was super understanding, but it was definitely a scary moment.