Performance is as synchronous as it is dramatically fertile

—Time Out Chicago

Resounding Earth

Bells can be used to celebrate grand occasions, hold sacrificial rites, keep a record of events, give the correct time, celebrate births and weddings, mark funerals, caution a community, enhance any number of religious ceremonies, and are even hung around the necks of animals. Bells are central to the music of composer Augusta Read Thomas, who is among the most sought-after composers working today.

Written in 2012, Resounding Earth is scored for nearly three hundred unique bells and other resonant metal objects. The composition of the work, and the selection of the specific bells used in the recording, was completed in close collaboration between Thomas and Third Coast Percussion.

The album is available as an audio CD, and as a DVD with complete audio/visual of the work.

The periodic accumulation of sustained clouds of dissonance made for one of the most powerful new music experiences I've felt in years
— Chicago Classical Review —
Spot-on audio and video performances
— Chicago Tribune —
Immaculately recorded...marvel at the ensemble performing the intricate work on the accompanying DVD
— The New York Times —