The album doesn’t fit the “classical record” stereotype

Unknown Symmetry

Third Coast Percussion's second full-length album, "Unknown Symmetry," describes a very personal history of the Chicago-based ensemble from their founding in 2005 to today. The album includes the first recording of the percussion quartet arrangement of Arvo Pärt's iconic work, Fratres; beautiful, rarely-heard works by Peter Garland and Christopher Deane, and new music from Third Coast Percussion's own David Skidmore and former member of TCP, Owen Clayton Condon.

Skidmore's multi-movement work, "Common Patterns in Uncommon Time," was commissioned for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright's home and architectural studio in rural Wisconsin.

The album is available as an audio CD, and as a DVD with complete audio/visual of each work.

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