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Album review: Archetypes

March 4, 2021, by Jean-Yves Duperron

Music is all about sound. Sound is all about vibration. Vibration is all about pulse. Pulse is all about life. Therefore music is life's tuning fork. This recording is all about sound, and what better way to express the vibrating pulse of life than with percussion instruments which inherently produce sound by the way they vibrate and influence air movement. And the same can be said about a plucked guitar string whose vibration is reinforced by the body of the instrument. Combine the two instruments and you have the ingredients to create and generate an abundance of ear candy. The dozen pieces in this collection are all world premiere recordings that combine jazz rhythms with ambient and chamber music textures, and are as varied as the archetypes they strive to represent. I hear Weather Report, Latin soul, Brian Eno, Reich, Partch ... lurking here and there, along with plenty of original touches.…

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“Metamorphosis” comes to WMPAC

May 26, 2021, by Admin

BIG SKY – The upcoming performance at the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center is hard to categorize, but will certainly be unforgettable. The show is called “Metamorphosis,” and pairs Grammy-winning percussion group Third Coast Percussion with dance by Movement Art Is, a legendary street dance group founded by Jon Boogz and Lil Buck. The two groups began collaborating on this project over a year ago, but the pandemic stalled their live performance efforts. Belief in the power and potential of the show, however, inspired the groups to continue developing it remotely, trading music and choreography back and forth virtually. The project “is going to combine U.S. street dancing styles and classical percussion ensemble music,” said David Skidmore, a Third Coast Percussion member. “This project is a time capsule—literally almost everyone on the planet is going through something. One of the things that’s going to come out of this moment is…

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Third Coast Percussion to drum up Valentine’s weekend virtual programming at Hancher

, by Maddie Johnston

This weekend, Third Coast Percussion will bring online fun to Hancher Auditorium with their Saturday performance of “Think Outside the Drum,” and their Sunday family event, “The Hancher Youth and Family Talent Show.” Hancher will feel the love this weekend with two virtual programs, both hosted by Grammy-winning ensemble Third Coast Percussion. On Feb. 13 at 2 p.m., Hancher Auditorium will host an online performance featuring the eclectic musical styles of Chicago-based percussion quartet Third Coast Percussion. The following day, Feb. 14 at 2 p.m., the band will host and perform alongside families in The Hancher Youth and Family Talent Show. The ensemble has the unique mission of inspiring and educating listeners through their creation of unexpected and exciting musical experiences. Although trained as classical musicians, the four musicians draw inspiration from a wide-ranging list of other music styles, including Blue Man Group, Brazilian jazz, electronic music, and pop music.…

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Raise a Glass to Third Coast Percussion’s Performance of Philip Glass

, by Zimra Chickering

Third Coast Percussion’s virtual performance on Nov. 13 hosted by the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts left me with a smile on my face and my feet tapping. As an art history major, it lifted my spirits to see Third Coast Percussion, a Chicago-based group of musicians, showcase their skills to global audiences and teach Emory students about their artistic entrepreneurship along the way. Not only did Third Coast Percussion touch me as a lover of the arts, but they also brought me back to my hometown of Chicago and my family. David Skidmore, Robert Dillon, Peter Martin and Sean Connors founded the quartet 15 years ago and have since performed all over the world. The four talented musicians are also established teachers of music and connect with their audience through the incorporation of Q&A sessions and mini-lessons into their concerts. The concert consisted of three pieces by composer Philip…

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Chicago percussion group bringing sweet treats for Hancher’s virtual Valentine’s weekend

, by Diana Nollen

In between the East Coast and West Coast lies the Third Coast - the Great Lakes - where a band of percussionists marches to the beat of lots of different drums. From the shores of Lake Michigan comes Third Coast Percussion, a quartet of Northwestern University alums, teachers and percussionists on a mission to 'inspire and educate through the creation of exciting and unexpected musical experiences.” That involves using lots of bells and whistles, from drums traditionally found in bands and symphonies to conch shells and other traditional instruments used in cultures around the world. The Grammy-winning group has whipped up a Valentine's treat for all ages with a pair of Hancher online events this weekend. First up is 'Think Outside the Drum,” an interactive concert prerecorded in the ensemble's Chicago studio, followed by a live Q&A with the musicians on Saturday afternoon. Then on Sunday's afternoon, they're hosting Hancher's Youth & Family…

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Concert Preview: Third Coast Percussion with the Elkhart County Symphony Orchestra

March 12, 2021, by Jack Walton

When a piece of music is needed for the heralding of an exciting and momentous occasion, Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man” has become an ideal choice. It’s familiar, brief and invigorating. The composition has been used at opening ceremonies for the Olympic Games, countless sports matches, the 2009 inauguration of President Barack Obama and even as wake-up music for the astronauts on the Space Shuttle. “Fanfare for the Common Man” signals that something wonderful is about to happen. Soo Han, the new musical director of the Elkhart County Symphony, has selected “Fanfare for the Common Man” to open his first concert with the orchestra, a virtual watch party titled “Concert of Hope, Reflection and Joy.” The performances were recorded in January. Grammy-winning quartet Third Coast Percussion appears as special guest for a performance of Augusta Read Thomas’ “Selene: Moon Chariot Rituals.” With narration from host Rania El-Kareh, the…

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Third Coast Percussion & Devonté Hynes: GRAMMY®-Nominated Fields

, by Thirsty Magazine

The Cedille Records' release of Fields in 2019 was a watershed moment that melded Grammy winner Third Coast Percussion with R&B/Alternative artist Devonté Hynes (aka "Blood Orange") in a blend of classical and minimalist music. Hynes' composition, recorded in collaboration with the members of Third Coast Percussion, resulted in a recording that has been called "a collage of metric perfection." The album was nominated for a 2020 Grammy in two categories: Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble and Best Classical Engineered Recording. Stay Thirsty Magazine has written about the genius of Third Coast Percussion in the past and this collaboration with the multi-talented Hynes, known for his work as an instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and vocalist, produces lush, powerful, and intricate structures that embody its breakthrough concepts. We enthusiastically draw your attention to this unique combination of genres that has a fascinating magnetism. Third Coast Percussion was previously nominated for two Grammy's and won one (2016).…

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These Five Albums Show That Contemporary Classical is Thriving

December 2, 2020, by Peter Margasak

Devonté Hynes, of Blood Orange fame, wrote the music on Fields (Cedille 192; 60:47 ***1/2) as a score for choreographer Emma Portner, collaborating closely with Chicago’s Third Coast Percussion, which orchestrated his works. While known for alternative pop and r&b, Hynes started out playing classical music, and the influence of minimalist Philip Glass shines through. At the same time, a penchant for woozy melodies and lush synth textures exerts itself, blending seamlessly with percussion that rings and gurgles seductively and establishes pulsing rhythms evoking the wide-open spaces evinced by the work’s title. Click here to read the full article, also featuring  Joanna Bailie, Dither, Ryoko Akama, and Tim Parkinson.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Third Coast Percussion frolics in Blood Orange’s beautiful ‘Fields’

November 24, 2020, by Max Heilman

When R&B visionary Blood Orange announced a classical album, what would result was anybody’s guess. Devonté Hynes traces his musical interest back to composers like Claude Debussy, so in many ways these compositions are a full circle moment for him. He wrote and conceptualized Fields on a digital interface, and left the rest to the Grammy-winning ensemble Third Coast Percussion. The players’ interpretation and performance of Hynes’ material is breathtaking enough, but the songwriter’s personality and attention to aesthetic shines through on Fields to an engrossing effect. The first 11 tracks are united under the banner of “For All Its Fury.” Just by listening to the first two tracks, it’s hard to think of any fury disturbing this calm. “Reach” and “Blur” deliver their respective soundscapes of angelic chimes and submerged marimbas. The album’s impressionistic minimalism links back to the immersive ambience of Blood Orange’s 2018 album, Black Swan. His knack for quiet grandiosity was surely evident on the digital files…

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Fields: Devonté Hynes’ Debut Classical Album with Third Coast Percussion

February 3, 2020, by Anne Goldberg-Baldwin

On October 11, 2019, pop music star Devonté Hynes (a.k.a. Blood Orange) released his debut classical album Fields in partnership with Grammy-Award winning ensemble Third Coast Percussion on Cedille Records. The album features world premieres of Hynes’ music performed by Third Coast Percussion, with Hynes himself on synthesizers. Hynes’ synthetic sounds blend pop aesthetics with classical and ambient soundscape composition, creating a foundation over which Third Coast Percussion works its magic as virtuoso performers. Hynes’ cycle For All Its Fury for Third Coast Percussion in collaboration with Modern dance company Hubbard Street Dance Chicago is a collage of meditative minimalism mixed with electronic noise filtering set in a multi-movement form. Simple, clean lines executed by TCP with the utmost delicacy permeate the movements, creating microcosms of Hynes’ ambient sound world. The piece oscillates between electroacoustic and electronic cells that reemerge in a post-minimalist blend of noise music and Glass-ian motives as clouds of amorphous electronic sound wash over and…

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