A new concerto by Clarice Assad for percussion quartet, vocalist, and orchestra.

by Clarice Assad

“Clarice Assad is quite simply a phenomenon who has streaked across the world’s musical landscape like one of those comets that appears just once in a lifetime” – Latin Jazz Network

A note from the composer:

“Play – a word of boundless meanings. For some, it offers an escape from life’s stresses, fostering creativity and imagination. Musicians play instruments, actors perform, and athletes compete.Yet, darker shades exist, like a child toying with fire or a devious mind playing psychological games.

Fascinated by this word’s depth, I began a sonic exploration with the captivating Third CoastPercussion quartet. Together, we present PLAY! – a concerto in three movements for percussion quartet, amplified vocalist, and orchestra. In “Tick, tock, scrape, pinch, blow, hit, splash, rip,” we celebrate embracing unique visions that lead to magical encounters with kindred spirits. The second movement, “The Hour,” marks a journey of self-discovery, urging us to embrace inner brilliance and shine in the world. The final movement is an exciting virtuosic interplay between the soloists and the orchestra.

Play has always meant exploring new worlds and finding awe in the little things. As an artist, I seek connections through playful art, transcending differences, and worries, uniting us in a harmonious symphony of life.”

– Clarice Assad

Duration: 20 minutes.

Orchestration: – – timp.perc(1) – strings

World Premiere: November 4, 2023 with the Santa Rosa Symphony, Francesco Lecce-Chong, conductor

Contact Reba Cafarelli, TCP General Manager, for more information: [email protected].

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