Metamorphosis w/ MAI

A dynamic artistic collaboration through the blending of street dance and percussion ensemble

Third Coast Percussion joins forces with the groundbreaking choreography of Movement Art Is (co-founded by Lil Buck and Jon Boogz) for an intimate, evening-length program that explores the duality of human nature. At once intensely personal and fiercely virtuosic, two disparate styles of street dance blend seamlessly with new music by Jlin and Tyondai Braxton, as well as Third Coast Percussion’s critically-acclaimed arrangements of Philip Glass’s Aguas da Amazonia.

TOURING COMPANY: TCP (4 percussionists) will be joined on stage by movement artists Ron Myles and Marcus Battle, 2 dancers hand-picked by MAI who specialize in the movement styles championed by the choreographers. One additional production support person may tour with the project to call light and audio cues.

PRODUCTION: The project is being designed for a variety of performance venues, from concert halls to proscenium-stage theaters. The project is also suitable to be presented in the center of a performance space, with seating surrounding the stage. Minimum stage size 20’ wide by 24’ long by 15’ high.

Contact Reba Cafarelli, TCP Managing Director, for more information: [email protected].