TCP Reimagines: Fields by Devonté Hynes

Published July 29, 2020 by Rebecca McDaniel      |      Share this post!


Third Coast Percussion recently released an album of music by our brilliant friend and collaborator Devonté Hynes (aka Blood Orange) entitled Fields.

On Thursday, August 27, at 7:30pm Central, we will be presenting a livestream performance of music from that album and we’d love for YOU to be involved with the performance! 

We’ll be showcasing your creative reactions, in any form, to the music from Fields. Perhaps you’d like to share a video of you dancing to the music. Maybe you’d like to share a sketch that you made while listening to the album.  Perchance you created a new recipe inspired by the tune Perfectly Voiceless.  “What is that you say, you made a remix of the track Coil?” Amazing! Share it with us and we’ll feature these works on our socials and livestream! 

Here’s what to do:

1) Listen to the album Fields by Third Coast Percussion (available on streaming platforms like Spotify, and for purchase from Cedille Records here)  

2) Create a dance, remix, sculpture, whatever! Feel free to respond to a single track, the entire album, or any combination in between.  

3) Send us:
– Your creation! If it is a picture, please send it as a .jpg file.  If it is an audio track, please send as a .wav file. If it is a video, please send as a .mp4 or .mov file
– A spoken introduction to the work (preferably as a video with you on screen) in which you state your name, where you live, and any other information you’d like to share; this can be separate from your creation or as part of the same video
***if you’re shooting video on your phone, please use a horizontal orientation (landscape)
– Anything that you think would be helpful for us to know about your creation, special instructions, etc.
– Your social media handle if you have one

Please note: we can’t guarantee that submissions that are longer than a few minutes will be able to be shown in their entirety, and we may have to edit submissions for duration 

4) We’ll do the following:
– Feature submissions on our social media throughout the weeks leading up to the Thursday, August 27 livestream
– Select several submissions to show during the concert 
– Notify you when and how we’re showing your creation

Please send all submissions to [email protected] with the subject “TCP Reimagines: Fields by Devonté Hynes”
Deadline for submissions to be included in the livestream is Monday, August 24

Here’s an example of movement that someone was inspired to create based on Fields.

Still have questions? Send them to ensemble member Sean Connors at [email protected].

We’d love to shine a light on creators from various different art forms and backgrounds, so don’t worry about your experience level or the medium in which you work.  We want to hear from you! 

Dev originally created all of this music for a dance project with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. He is an artist who collaborates with all sorts of creators, from all styles of music and various arts forms. Thinking about all these cross disciplinary connections has inspired us and we hope that it inspires you too!

We’re looking forward to seeing you do your thing and sharing what you create with the world!

– Third Coast Percussion