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UNLV Performing Arts Center

Third Coast Percussion performs music from the GRAMMY® nominated album Archetypes with Sérgio and Clarice Assad.

When creating the 12 short works that compose this program, Sérgio & Clarice Assad and Third Coast Percussion drew their inspiration from archetypes–recurrent symbols or characters common amongst humanity’s stories, mythologies, and shared experiences. The result is a phenomenal concert experience from these award-winning artists–Sergio Assad (guitar), Clarice Assad (piano, vocals), and the four members of Third Coast Percussion.

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Clarice Assad: The Rebel
Sérgio Assad: The Innocent
Sérgio Assad: The Orphan
David Skidmore: The Lover
Sérgio Assad: The Magician
Peter Martin: The Ruler


Clarice Assad: The Jester
Clarice Assad: The Caregiver
Robert Dillon: The Sage
Sean Connors: The Creator
Clarice Assad: The Hero
Sérgio Assad: The Explorer

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