Wow! Creative responses to our album “Fields”

Published August 27, 2020 by Rebecca McDaniel      |      Share this post!

Last year, we released an album of music by our brilliant friend and collaborator Devonté Hynes (aka Blood Orange) entitled Fields.

To start our season off right, we performed a livestream concert of music from Fields, and we invited any creator to make something in response to the music. We were wowed by the submissions we received! Check them out below. Thanks to everyone who participated with us!



Dan McGee: “Coil” remix. Click here to check out Dan’s work!


Movement by Gabrielle Hamilton. Check out Gabrielle’s work on Instagram at @hamilton_gabri and @artsyfartsybabyg!

Ben Zucker: “Blur” remix. Click here to check out Ben’s work!

Movement by Da’ Von Daone and The Shift. Click here to check out the company’s work!

“Reach”: drawing by Maya Carmenates.

“Reach”: live improvised coding by Stephanie Orlando. Click here to check out Stephanie’s work!

Casey Baker: “Hard Pressed” (remix of “Press”). Click here to check out Casey’s work!


Painting by Rowan, with assistance from mom, Stephanie Bassos. Click here to see more of Stephanie’s photography, and click here to check out her amazing project People vs. Places, which is featured on the album cover of Fields!

Movement by Sarah Braun.

Drawing by Jacob (with submission assistance from dad, John Dorhauer.)

“Press” drum cover by Becca Doughty. Check out Becca’s work on Instagram at @itsbeckstar01!

Hairstyling by Kris Kujawinski , inspired by “Curl” and the Fields album cover. Check out Kris’s work on Instagram at @hairstylistkris!